Cecilia Larrabure - Founder

Multimedia photojournalist, based in Lima, Perú where she runs OJO Derecho, a multimedia studio.   Cecilia Larrabure has a PG in Photojournalism by Barcelona´s University. Her work has been awarded the World Press Photo 2000 (The Netherlands) and the Ortega y Gasset Award (Spain). She  worked as a photo with The Associated Press at the Latin America and Caribbean photo desk in Mexico City until February 2012. Between 2004 and 2006, she worked as a correspondent in Peru for the photojournalism agency World Picture News (USA) and previously she worked for El Comercio newspaper in Lima (1993-2004) and the Hoje em Dia newspaper in Brasil (1990-1993).

In 2007 she published the book entitled “Emptiness, an photographic essay about orphanhood, violence and memory in Peru”, a document on the lives of a large group of young and children who lost their families due to the war between the terrorist group Shinning Path and the Peruvian State.

Her worked has been published worldwide, in media such as Zu (Germany), Geo (Spain), Business Week (USA) Loft (USA), Gatopardo (Colombia), Isto E (Brazil), Etiqueta Negra (Peru), CNN Traveller Magazine (UK), Star Ledger (USA), Soho (Colombia), Somos Magazine (Perú), El Comercio (Peru), Etiqueta Negra (Peru), El Universal (Mexico).


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